Electronic mailings instead of printed flyers, catering by local companies and with a high vegetarian and even vegan percentage, publications not as a paper booklet but as an app, an accessible conference venue, and even compensation of an event’s CO2 emissions – all this and more makes for a “Green Meeting”. But even smaller steps – maybe not a “green”, but an “environment friendly” meeting – take you into the right direction. And last but not least even social aspects should be part of any economical considerations.

Congresses, conferences and workshops have an influence on the environment: Participants travel long distances, using even long-distance flights, electricity and water are freely used, and things like conference bags, folders, flyers, books and data carriers are by far no thing of the past: Right now traditional media exist alongside apps, web portals and live streaming, and they are still in high demand.

Carefully choosing services and products together with choosing local companies – not least for catering services – will have a positive influence on your results, because a lot of transport becomes redundant. In addition, CO2 emissions that cannot be reduced can be neutralised through climate protection certificates.


If we no longer have a planet,

the economy is not doing well!

Al Gore