The Raven

                                             Corvus Corax

Anyone who has ever designed a logo knows that this is no easy task: It should be unique, appealing, by no means arbitrary – and valid for a long time.

When we were faced with this task, we did not take it easy and considered many designs. After all, since we come from the natural sciences, we also looked around in flora and fauna and thus came across the flight image of the raven. Ravens are widespread, from Ireland to India, from Greenland to Nicaragua, very adaptable, like to communicate in many different ways, are smart – and they cooperate. That this is so has only been scientifically confirmed in recent years. These characteristics have led us to choose the raven as our personal lucky charm; it was a good choice, as it has been accompanying us for more than two decades now.

Please note the following additional information concerning data protection:

At our events you will be asked to wear a name badge. Furthermore, at events organised by us photos might be taken or films shot, members of the press might attend, lectures might be transferred via Skype, there might also be video conferences or live streamings with or without recording. Upon request we will gladly provide you with more details, or ask us on-site during the event.